Dia De Los Muertos In Mexico City

The ancient multi-day celebration of Dia de Muertos (also called Day of the Dead and Dia de Los Muertos) was observed in Mexico City this year with the city’s first public parade, which took place in the downtown area on Saturday. Other names for this celebration include the Day of the Dead and Dia de Los Muertos. Over two hundred thousand individuals, many of whom were dressed in costume, attended the event.

It is customary for people of Mexican ancestry to decorate offerings or altars during the holiday of Dia de Muertos. These decorations may include photos, candles, marigolds, candy canes, candy, and any other foods that were favorites of the deceased, as it is believed that their spirits will return to them at this time. House eleven once every year.

Taking a cue from a scene in the most recent James Bond film, Spectre, which took place in a fictional Day of the Dead parade, officials in Mexico City organized the festival and also paraded for the first time – it included massive floats as well as costumed performers. The festival was inspired by the fictional parade that appeared in the film. In addition to elaborate makeup.

Sugar heads and skeleton skeletons wearing hats are two of Catrina’s most recognizable symbols of the holiday season. People of Mexican descent living in the United States are more likely to celebrate the holiday regularly than those living in Mexico.

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