Amanda Uprichard

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The year 2008 marked the beginning of Amanda Uprichard’s existence. Amanda Uprichard, a born trailblazer and rogue fashion enthusiast who moved through the fashion scene of innovation, fun, and freedom, is the one who got the ball rolling and started the company.

Eventually, Amanda concluded that the best way for her to foster her creativity was to establish a brand that would convey all of the splendor and excitement she found in the fashion world. In addition, she worked hard to design styles that allowed women to look incredible while also making them feel seductive and robust.

Who is Amanda Uprichard?

A contemporary line of women’s clothing, Amanda Uprichard is a well-known brand for creating statement pieces that feature luxurious fabrics and vivid colors. She creates for the woman who does not let anything stand in the way of achieving her goals. Whether she was on vacation, attending her best friend’s wedding, or celebrating at a happy hour event.

Where is Amanda Uprichard made?

Richard felt that producing things in New York was necessary to get the brand back to its roots. Everything was manufactured in New York City “until about a year and a half ago,” when the company started switching production to China “because the resources are drying up here,” she said.